Ed Lugenbeal

Ed is a retired college administrator and professor currently living in Jamestown, North Carolina. Ed was born in Manila, Philippine Islands, and spent his childhood years in Argentina, Mexico, and Peru before the family settled in Michigan. He earned his bachelor’s degree from La Sierra University in California and his Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in new world archeology and Pleistocene geology from the University of Wisconsin. Ed’s graduate studies included a year spent at Basel University in Switzerland.

After graduation, he worked in a geoscience research institute, conducted archeology excavations in Minnesota, Michigan, and Israel, helped found a small company, Interlink Inc., worked as Assistant to the President at Kettering Medical Center in Ohio, and then spent 30 years serving in administrative and teaching roles in a private liberal arts college in Massachusetts. Ed is particularly proud of the career accomplishments of his wife, Marilyn, who served as controller of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston during his years in Massachusetts. He and Marilyn have two children who live near them in Jamestown.