Jamestown Rotary Club Annual Horseshow

The Jamestown Annual Horseshow is rich in both history and tradition. From its humble beginnings dating back to 1962 our annual Horseshow is celebrating its 62nd year. This event is one of our oldest fundraising activities. Over the past years the Jamestown Rotary Club using its proceeds from this event has donated over $300,000 to local charities and community needs.

In its early years, the event would take place in the town district behind the school and old library. It truly was a community and social event, rich in tradition and southern charm. Like most small-town experiences, a place where families, children and friends would come together to enjoy the day and each other’s company. Homemade baked goods and crafts were brought in to share. Delicious Chuckwagon style meals were provided for the enthusiastic crowds and participants. Music, dancing, and singing featured by local groups and bands were enjoyed by all. For the sporting event itself, both horse and riders were all tested and measured for their skills and style. Starting in the early morning hours, it would continue thru out the day and into the dark of night. Truly a community event guaranteed to excite and be remembered!
Time continues its march and as with everything, evolution is inevitable. The Jamestown Rotary Horseshow for the past several years has been an active partner with The Piedmont Horseman’s Association (PHA). Ring trials have been taking place at the Piedmont Saddle Club located in Colfax, NC. The Horse Show, as a sporting event is now sanctioned by The PHA and competes regionally. All participants are engaged in competition and judged. Families and breeders throughout the region bring out their best to compete for class points and awards, starting with the very young beginners up to those riders who are more skilled and seasoned. A Great time is enjoyed by all.